Lost At Home (Keep Exploring)

I haven’t written anything here in a while. Not because nothing’s been happening, precisely the opposite in fact. I did some last-minute tourism in Europe, moved back to the US, started a temporary job Philadelphia, holidayed in Australia, caught up with friends, witnessed the Isle of Man TT Races, and have lately been just trying to collect myself and figure out what the heck I want to do with my life next. It hasn’t left me with a large surplus of energy, and I kind of wish I had taken 3 or 4 months off from work to just…recharge.

Before I moved to Europe, I had a rhythm of life I had settled into and enjoyed. Then I abandoned that for adventure, and I found a new rhythm to enjoy as I explored and grew and learned and experienced. Then there was a whirlwhind chain of events from November to June which saw me move from one continent to another, holiday in a third, then photograph the most staggering motorsport event I’ve been to yet, and now I feel like a drummer who’s just sitting down staring at a drumset with no sticks.

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One Possible Future

I have now been in Belgium for six months. I very nearly have a normal life here now! Hopefully it never gets fully normal, because it seems like that would be a dreadful waste of being-in-Europe. At any rate, I’ve gotten into at least some kind of rhythm of life, trying to incorporate miscellaneous European adventures along the way.

Can you believe it’s nearly September? They say time is relative, and never is this more apparent than when reflecting on the past. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was totally psyched about buying tickets in March for this weekend’s Grand Prix, but there’ve been plenty of days and sleepless nights along the way that seemed to take fffoooorrreeeevvvvveeeerrr. The first month here was probably one of the longest months of my life (despite Februrary only having 29 days), yet now it seems so distant. In the last few weeks I have finally again gone mountain biking, cooked some stir-fry for friends, done some table-top gaming, and drove at a track day…Just about all I want out of life, really.
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Recent Outings

As I mentioned previously, not having a car for the last four months was really cramping my style, and generally interfering with things I wanted to do. I didn’t let it stop me entirely though; I did manage to get myself out of town for a few day- or weekend trips in that time, and each one of them helped drive home why I moved here.


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