Recent Outings

As I mentioned previously, not having a car for the last four months was really cramping my style, and generally interfering with things I wanted to do. I didn’t let it stop me entirely though; I did manage to get myself out of town for a few day- or weekend trips in that time, and each one of them helped drive home why I moved here.


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“Have Racecar”

Last week I finally drove my Lotus in Belgium! Four months to the day since it was picked up by the shippers to be brought here. That process was certainly one of the most confusing, beureaucratic, stressful things I’ve ever done. Probably #2, right after completing a Master’s Thesis, and before actually taking up residence in Belgium. Having a car again has made life feel almost normal again, removed a lot of stress, and greatly opened up my travel opportunities.

The name of this blog is “Have Racecar, Will Travel,” but for the last four months, only half of that has been true. Up until now, I’ve only been doing the travelling bit, and then only so far as not having a car would allow me, which, to be honest, is not very much. If I wanted to get to Brussels, it took over an hour via trains. If I wanted to get somewhere without easy transit access, I had to fork over a hundred bucks for a weekend rental car, or try to convince someone to take me in their car. I had to walk to and from stores, which severely limited where I could go and how much I could buy.
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