Chambres avec Vues, Namur

You might have throught from my last post that I hadn’t done much photography around here until yesterday. That’s not entirely true! Two weeks ago I went to an art exhibition in Namur called “Chambres avec Vues.” It was part of a large event across Belgium, with hundreds of separate small venues where local artists would show their work. I was invited by someone I knew from work, and was eager to make the most of my existing social connections. It was a fun day, if a little long.

The most interesting exhibit was in the basement of a storage facility. It was very dimly lit, and we were handed pen lights to walk around with. We then wandered around opening assorted chests in various rooms, never knowing what to expect under the lid. Some were clever or neat, others were creepy or odd, but overall it was a unique and interesting form of art.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I could have, I was still running a bit low on energy at the time, but I am glad I had my camera with me and I did get some interesting photos.

Also, I saw a model shop that had a bunch of AutoArt diecasts in the window, so I’m gonna have to go back there.

Anyway, here’s a flickr album.


Author: haveracecarwilltravel

Moved from America to Belgium in early 2016 (mostly for the racetracks) and brought my Lotus along for the ride. I also enjoy putting my D7000 to good use.

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